Why Study Massage at Academique

When I arrived at my desk in Rawlins Street this morning there were 20 Massage feedback forms waiting for me to review. Students ‘working’ in clinic collect feedback off their clients so we can see if they are making good progress, and whether the teaching is working. Their feedback was great. Students consistently got 9’s and 10’s in the ratings, and the comments were fantastic: “I’ve never had such an excellent massage. “ “Every moment was enjoyable”, “She has a great understanding of the muscle structure of the body.”, “A beautiful massage from a beautiful person.” And on and on….

We often struggle to define what it is that makes Academique different, and I think these feedback forms tell us one of the key things about Academique: our teachers are doing a great job helping the students to become great remedial massage therapists. The teachers are very experienced and knowledgeable. They’re quite different from one another, but together, across the course, they cover the whole spectrum of the remedial massage industry, and they exemplify the range of therapists student can become: From individuals delivering mobile massage to therapists helping doctors and physiotherapists, and even for work in the beauty and spa settings, we prepare our graduates to be great.

Our students are special too: We make sure they know what will be expected of them before we enroll them.

David Dolley (Principal)