Entrepreneur Education at ACADEMIQUE

Academique has always had a strong focus on entrepreneur education. The Directors of the college have all started and run successful businesses or played key roles in businesses. We’ve chosen courses that include practical and inspirational training in business roles: Management with human Resources, Business and Hospitality management, as well as Remedial Massage, a field in which many of our graduates have opened their own businesses or worked as managers. Even the stream of English we run is focused on getting ready to work in English.

We’ve also assembled a great team, which is always ready to give you individualized advice on entrepreneurship. You can get help from a former HR Director, A Sales Leader who is working on a major re-branding project right now, a former Financial Controller for a major resort with his own small businesses, an accounts expert who helps many small businesses, a personnel consultant to major retailers, a consultant to off-shore startups, a ‘second chance’ expert and a training consultant who works with large industrial groups to build the skills of their staff.
Those aren’t the former jobs of our trainers: Those are the kinds of entrepreneur education that they do right now! So if you have any questions about starting your own business, our team has the answers and the time to help you. Two of our Remedial Massage trainers have run their own clinics: One still works with Olympians and other elite athletes. (The other one runs our clinic: up to 300 bookings per week!)

Or learner-focused system of one Key Day plus tutorial days means you can get help from a real entrepreneur very easily. Some teachers work at night, and there are often four teachers here on Saturdays! At most colleges the teachers stopped working in industry many years ago: We take the extra trouble to find teachers who still work in industry, and who care about helping you to get ahead. Our system of monitoring your Course Progress and not recording attendance means we don’t have to allocate you to a particular class, so you have a lot of flexibility about when you come to college. All our Entrepreneur Education Key Days are run at least twice a week, and there are tutors on hand most days. We even have staff at our Brisbane Study Centre 3 days a week due to popular demand.
We really mean it when we say share your dreams: It gives us great pleasure to see one of our business graduates managing a restaurant, two massage therapists opening their own clinic, and a hospitality student promoted to shift boss. If you’d like some expert assistance with your entrepreneurial project, drop us a line.