Our dedicated English coordinators will help you plan a program that suits you. You can schedule your 20 hours when you want, because we run 49 hours of classes every week! One student has to work in a food factory in the mornings, so he comes in the afternoons. Quite a few students work in restaurants, so they study in the mornings and disappear in the afternoons.

If your school program has a very strict schedule you might miss out on a job. Academique ELICOS students can always say ‘Yes!’ when offered work. If you have to change, just see your coordinator and make a new plan. If you miss a day, catch up some other day that week.

We also have great teachers: Our Principal trained new English teachers for ten years, so he really knows about it. We only choose great teachers: They know about English and they also know how to make a whole day of class interesting.

$170 per week and no other upfront fees (no admission, coe, application fees etc.)

Our two ESL experts developed and applied for this unique program.