ELICOS Genius!

All ELICOS programs use a highly developed curriculum to help students make progress as quickly as possible. But they all suffer from the same problem: Different students have varying strengths and weaknesses. This is particularly true when some students in a class speak European languages and others are from an Asian background. The features of English that are difficult for them are not the same. Some students have studied grammar and others have lots of confidence, so their classroom needs are very different. And, if you have to study something that you already know, it’s boring.

The unique Academique ELICOS program helps students in two ways. Of course, there’s a core curriculum that students have to study. In addition, students work in the Guided Individual Learning sessions at their own pace. The class teachers have chosen useful activities which the student can do before and after school under the supervision of teachers, who help when students aren’t sure of the study points. On Wednesday students can choose from a range of options, including grammar class, fluency-building activities and test practice.

If students miss any ‘core’ class during the week they can catch up with specially prepared materials on Saturdays. The coordinator tallies up all the hours attended by the student during the week and makes sure everyone hits their 20 hour target. We think it’s the best ELICOS system because it matches classroom practices to student needs.