Defer vs Cancel

This week we had a very interesting student visa experience. A student broke his arm. After being treated at a local Hospital. They said to get pins inserted and not use the arm for 90 days, and get appropriate physiotherapy.

He decided to go home because that will be much cheaper, and his agent asked us to grant 4 months leave. Based on our experience, we think that if a student is going home, it’s better to cancel their enrolment and re-start when they are ready to come back. The student said he should have a CoE for the whole period, and insisted on not being cancelled. The Immigration enquiry line said with appropriate evidence leave can be granted, but when coming back to Australia the officer would make a decision about the genuineness of the student at the airport. “It’s always case by case.” She said.

We know, however, that Immigration staff read the notes we put into PRISMS, the government database. An Immigration officer at the airport actually read our notes to a student on one occasion! (Then let her come back to study) If we cancel the enrolment we can explain the details of the situation and the evidence we have to Immigration. If you are outside Australia you don’t need to have an active CoE. Just re-enrol before you come back, and we get another chance to explain your story.

Many schools put quite ordinary staff in the CoE department, but at Academique’s is run by two of our top managers, and they consult with the Principal on any complicated cases. We know some returning students have been sent home when they arrive in Australia because their situation doesn’t look ‘genuine’. But all of our students have successfully returned.

We really look after our students so that every part of their journey is great!