Travelling on a Student Visa

This is a fascinating episode, and shows why we are proactive in helping students to comply with their visa conditions and understand what they are doing.

The student visa holder seems to have been in Thailand for a month without approved leave: She doesn’t have any documentation with her. She can’t say, “I have approved leave: look at this.”

She doesn’t seem to understand what she is studying.

She does seem to understand the assessment requirements of her course.

It seems surprising to her to find that she hasn’t made course progress and her CoE has been cancelled. Border Forces phones the college and decides to cancel her visa, and sends her to a detention centre pending a flight back to Brazil. It ends in tears.

We work to help and protect students against these problems.

If they want leave we help them to collect the evidence that would prove their need for leave outside the normal holidays. When there are holidays, we can provide confirmation is students ask for it.

Students have calendars that show when units run.

After students start their courses we make sure they are submitting work, so their genuine-ness is established.

They are sent the tasks they need to do.

If they don’t make course progress across any term they are warned repeatedly.

We don’t cancel CoEs unless we are sure the student knows about it: either they replied or we’ve contacted their agent or their emergency contact.

Unlike many schools, we have a dedicated coordinator for each faculty who takes responsibility for their group of students. A top-level executive takes over the process if cancellation looks likely, and the Principal reviews every cancellation case.

We don’t work with agents who don’t seem to care about their students or who refer non-genuine students.

Academique takes action to prevent outcomes like the one shown in this video.