BSB50215 Diploma of Business

Access the latest information by searching for your topic on the internet. ‘Continuous Improvement’ and use of new materials and techniques might mean that this information is not the latest, and different situations need different solutions.

Unit of Competency

BSBRSK501 Manage risk
BSBHRM501 Manage human resource services
BSBWRK520 Manage employee relations
BSBHRM512 Develop and manage performance management processes
BSBMGT403 & BSBMGT516 Implement continuous improvement & Facilitate continuous improvement
BSBHRM513 Manage workforce planning
BSBHRM506 & BSBHRM405 Manage recruitment selection and induction processes & Support the recruitment selection and induction process
BSBPMG522 Undertake project work

Contact Information

Enterprise Helpline: 07 5526 3222

Key Days

  • Monday Morning 2 Hour Foundations Lecture (9am-11am) + 1 Hour tutorial (11am-12pm)
  • Monday Afternoon 1 Hour Focused Learning Lecture (1pm-2pm) + 2 Hour tutorial (2pm-4pm)
  • Tuesday Afternoon 2 Hour Foundations Lecture (1pm-3pm) + 1 Hour tutorial (3pm-4pm)
  • Tuesday Evening 1 Hour Focused Learning Lecture (Lecture 4:30pm-5:30pm) + 2 Hour tutorial (5:30pm-7:30pm)