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Message from the Principal….


Welcome to Academique’s ‘My Study Centre’. I hope it makes your study even easier. If you click through on the links you can see your course schedule or calendar, and find some useful resources and study ideas. Use the emails or phone numbers if you need help.

At Academique we really care about our students: We used to be students! If you have any kind of problem just call the college and we will help: The phones are forwarded to me after hours. We care about learning too: the easiest way to change your life for the better! We look forward to helping you achieve your full potential.

All our Remedial Massage teachers are working professionals, and our graduates have plenty of job offers because they are great. (Wear black.) I taught, studied, researched and tried language learning, and I think we have the best system: three days at college and four days a week in the real world. Our teachers and your coordinator are very kind. Enterprise makes the wheels go around, so we love being able to teach Business and Management/HR. Our teaching team has a very diverse range of high-level business experience: Finance controller, Sales Manager, industry consultant etc. There are lots of options about when and how you can learn.

Academique is a group of colleagues helping each other to learn. It’s not a high school- you have to take responsibility for your progress. It’s not a prison: attendance is not recorded. If your boss suddenly needs you just go! Will you be able to pass the observation or written task? If you miss a class you had better see one of the many tutors to catch up.


Seize the day.


David DOLLEY, Principal


Diploma of Remedial Massage

HLT52015 CRICOS CODE 089245K

Remedial Massage Helpline 07 5526 3222

  • Beginners: Wednesday (5 weeks)
  • Basic & Athletes: Monday (15 weeks)
  • Remedial Massage: Tuesday (15 weeks)
  • Finishing: Thursday (15 weeks)

Student Clinic: Organise your 200 hours of ‘Supervised Work’

Roster yourself in our THE FOREST our student Remedial Massage Clinic


Need help? The student clinic supervisor is a qualified teacher who is standing by to help you! (Monday to Saturday 9 to 4)


E-books: email the coordinator if you would like access to an electronic version of the Mosby’s books.


Enterprise Helpline: 07 5655 5694

  • Tutorials Thursdays 9 to 4 (Davenport) and Saturdays 9 to 4 (Rawlins)
  • Oral Competence checks Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday by appointment.


Special Tutorials by appointment: ESL Mondays, Finance Tuesdays and Thursday mornings, HR Wednesdays


Timetable for Enterprise courses


Class times: 9am to 4pm

Certificate IV in Business

BSB40215 CRICOS CODE 092130F

Key Day: Thursday 9am to 4pm

Diploma of Business

BSB50215 CRICOS CODE 087271B

Key Days are Wednesdays or Thursdays (Southport) 9am-4pm

Late Key Day: Tuesdays 1pm to 7.30pm

Diploma of Human Resource Management

BSB50615 CRICOS CODE 087841F

Key Days are Fridays (Davenport) or Saturdays  (Southport)

9am-4pm or Wednesdays (Sunnybank) 9.30am-4.30pm

Diploma of Leadership and Management

BSB51915 CRICOS CODE 095506K

Key Days are Tuesday (Evening Class), Wednesday and Friday (Davenport) and Saturday (Rawlins)

Advanced Diploma of Business

BSB60215 CRICOS CODE 087531J

Key Days are Mondays or Wednesdays (Davenport) 9am-4pm


Key Days are Fridays (Southport) 9am-4pm or Thursdays (Sunnybank) 9.30am-4.30pm



Cert I in Spoken and Written English

10362NAT CRICOS CODE 094575E


Cert II in Spoken and Written English

10363NAT CRICOS CODE 089247G


Cert III in Spoken and Written English

10364NAT CRICOS CODE 080129J


Cert IV in Spoken and Written English – Employment

10366NAT  CRICOS CODE 080128K

English helpline: 07 5526 3222

(or just say, “I want to speak XXXX” and we will call you back in that language)

Key Days are Mondays and Tuesdays

Review and Support: Wednesdays- review and support for all levels (Rawlins)

Thursdays – Low Level Review (Rawlins) or Job Club (Davenport)
Fridays – IELTS Style Test Practice or Tutorials (Davenport )

Class times: 9am to 4pm


Diploma of Hospitality Management

SIT50416 CRICOS CODE 091071J

Hospitality Helpline 07 5526 3222

Key Day:

Tuesday and Thursday 9am to 4pm (Rawlins Street)

Tutorial & Support Day:

Wednesday & Friday 9am to 4pm (Davenport Street)
It is delivered over 53 study weeks plus holidays.


Certificate III in Painting and Decorating

CPC30611 CRICOS CODE 096332G

Painting Helpline 07 5526 3222

Key Day:

Thursdays – 9am to 4pm
Friday – 9am to 4pm


Every week except holiday and Research Break weeks.