Certificate III in Spoken and Written English

10364NAT CRICOS CODE 080129J

Course Description:

Learning another language is a great way to change your life and we were very excited when we got the chance to open a brand new English school.

We follow the Migrant Education course that helps people find work. Our course helps students to write resumes, go to job interviews and understand workplace culture.

Each English Certificate is delivered over 20 study weeks.

The course we follow has helped thousands of people to build new lives in English.

There are 2 Key Days, where the teachers follow a teaching plan, and a Review Day, where you can get help and we can check to see if you are making Course Progress.

Course Structure – Units of Competency:

  • SWELRN301A – Advance Learning Strategies
  • SWECON302A – Comprehending and Participating in Casual Conversation
  • SWEINT304A – Comprehending and Participating in Interviews
  • SWEDIS306A – Comprehending and Participating in Discussions
  • SWECOR307A – Composing Formal Correspondence and Completing Formatted Texts
  • SWEINF308A – Comprehending and Composing Complex Information Texts
  • SWENAR309A – Comprehending and Composing Narrative Texts
  • SWEADS313A – Comprehending News Stories and Advertisements
  • SWEJOB315A – Language Skill for Job Seeking

Key Days:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 9am to 4pm (Davenport Street Campus)


Review and Support: 
Wednesday 9am to 4pm (Rawlins Street Campus)


Every week except holiday and Research Break weeks.